[Done] Plugin Marketplace Streamlining

I would love to see a couple improvements to the marketplace to make it a little more user friendly

  • Check Updates/update all: It’s tedious to go through each plugin and check to see if there are updates and then manually update them. It would be really nice to just press one button that checked all installed plugins for updates automatically and then gave you the option to update all of them.
  • Sort by release date: I like to check the plugin marketplace for the newest plugins, and it would be great if I could sort the marketplace by release date. Sorting by downloads sort of accomplishes this, but it would be nice to see plugins listed purely chronologically and ideally from newest to oldest.

Update all is already an option. Click the three dots next to the filter button

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wow. That’s awesome! You learn something new every day I guess…

I would still like to be able to sort the marketplace by release date, but the update all thing is amazing.

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