Don't want to see the page references at the bottom of the pages?

Worry not, fellow friends. You can hide them by the following CSS:

.references {
  display: none;

Very helpful. Thanks!

(It would be great to have a toggle, but for now I guess one could just switch back and forth between a CSS theme with references and a CSS theme without references.)

Heya @Lucas,

Glad to know that you find it useful. I was thinking maybe it’s just me that does not use the references, lol.

Do we have a feature to switch the theme? Or do you mean by manually change the file name to custom.css on the filesystem?

If you enable developer mode, then you can switch themes from the menu. But I have not actually done that with my own themes, so there may be variables I’m unaware of.


Ahh, I’m not aware of that. Thanks mate, I will give it a try. :+1:t6:

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