Doubt about queries and blocks

Hi, I think there is something I’m missing. I’m just testing trying to create a track expenses workflow…
I created a little template for testing purposes, and I add to my journal an entry like this:


Then, I have an Expenses page, with a query {{query (property :contenido "gasto")}} to show all blocks with type contenido=gasto(expense), and looks like this

But what I want to show is
The reference I wrote in the block for my table to look something like:

Cuota [[Disney Plus]] || tv || 9.50

I can’t get the title of the block, and if I use for example a tag in the parent block and use query searching for tag, then I can’t access properties values.

What I’m doing wrong?

If you want to combine information from different blocks (here title from parent and properties from child), should use an advanced query.

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The properties are a child block instead of the same block.
Should look like:

- title
  property:: value

Instead of:

- title
  - property:: value