Downloading from Github

Hello - I want to evaluate LogSeq at my workplace - but the “Software Asset Management” and IT Security team told me that downloads for windows from GITHUB are prohibited.
They prefer if the downloads come from a page.
Is this something that is possible? I understand this is an odd request but I needed to ask.


I know this isn’t something you can control, but that is a very weird rule. The Logseq homepage clearly directs people to the GitHub download link. If the file were hosted on, it wouldn’t be any more secure. What happens if you just give them the exe on a USB stick and tell them you got it from the download link on the Logseq homepage? Alternatively (although less convenient), you could just use the web app on your work computer.

I understand sir - It is weird. according to a suggestion from @Didac from another thread - i have written an email to two addresses as recommended here:

In my opinion, what offers the guarantee is cryptography. For this reason, the cleanest and most logical thing would be to carry the binary on a flash drive and have the security team check its hash to give the go-ahead.

The IT team seems to have taken up a security check - not sure how they will grab the file. Lets wait and see what their checks come up with.

The company IT has denied approving the software stating that we use OneNote.

I will continue exploring LogSeq on my personal laptop.

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