Drafts 5 to Logseq Workflow

Has anyone successfully found a way to send Draft 5 notes to Logseq?


I have it set up to both append to the Daily Note or add a file to the vault. I have Logseq and Obsidian working off of the same vault.

Let me know the probem you’re having and I’ll see if I have a solution.

Thanks for the reply. I have the same setup with Logseq and Obsidian. Would you be open to sharing your script to append to the Daily Note or add a file?

Thank you in advance.


Here goes… this is how my Drafts file goes

Name [[date|%Y_%m_%d]].md
Path: /journals

[[date|%Y_%m_%d]] at [[time|%I:%M %p]]

Write type: append
Destination: Bookmark
Bookmark: Obsidian/Logseq-3

My vault is named Logseq-3. I like to have the date and time noted above the draft contents

Hope this helps

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My apologies for the delay. Thank you for sharing the script. I look forward to trying it out.

just dicovered this discussion thread.

I intend to use Draft for quick capture of anything that comes to mind. I think I mainly use this from the iphone as it is with me almost all the time (except in a shower, LOL). Just wondering has anyone tried to use Draft to create a new block (if not , a new page) in Logseq?

Appreciate if anyone can share the experience and script, etc