Drag and Drop of image files not working on Mac

For the past few months, I haven’t been able to drag and drop files from my mac into logseq blocks. I was previously able to do this.

The workaround I use is the upload the files as assets and that does work but adds friction.

Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or has found solutions to it?

Logseq Drag and Drop Files Not Working - Watch Video

Logseq Version 0.7.9; Mac OS 12.4

I sometimes have this kind of problem with file paths with certain characters (?; %, : etc.).

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Ahh, thanks so much Frédéric! That explains it for me too. All my primary files are nested within iCloud and so all have % somewhere in the path. I’ll keep that in mind for now.

If possible, would be nice to have those characters be allowed in the file path in the future though.

I have the same issue, it sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn’t. No special characters in my case.
I drag&drop an image from the finder, a new empty line appears in logseq, but not the image

  • all plugins disabled, logseq 0.8.16, MacOS 12.4