Drag and drop reorder outlines will make them disappear randomly

I’m often reordering my pages and outlines that contain tasks in the page where they are defined or between pages.

In some cases (more often when moving an outline to a position previous of it than after) some other outlines disappears, sometimes i get the page blank and i need to undo until i get the text back. The behaviour is quite random, and i could get the job done in the end (just by selecting different outlines to move down, instead of up, where the issue is less likely to manifest) but it’s a bit of a pain and it takes a lot more time than it should be needed.

I’m using version 0.5.9 beta, anyone else experiencing the problem ?

I can confrm that this happened to me a couple of times as well on 0.5.8 and 0.5.9. Could even easily reproduce it with a new page and four blocks:
GIF 10.02.2022 10-20-29

I just opened an issue on Github about it as it is clearly a bug.

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Thanks for the video and posting a GitHub issue.