Drawing / Excalidraw embed improvements


The view mode and zen mode should be turned on by default on all drawings until we click inside the drawing area to draw. After clicking inside the drawing area, the zen mode and view mode should be turned off to show the tools and the UI elements and let us draw.
After clicking outside of the drawing area the zen mode and view mode should be turned on again to hide the tools.

Maybe this behavior could be configured in the settings if it’s desired.


The tools are distracting if we only want to view the drawings or scroll on a page that has drawings/illustrations.

Example screenshots

Drawing is inactive, view mode & zen mode are turned on. It’s cleaner, we can focus on the drawing, there are no distracting tools.

Drawing is active (after clicking inside the drawing area).

Would it also be possible to allow the user to resize the excalidraw drawing area in the same way that we can resize images. Some of my drawings don’t fit inside the space available and zooming to make them fit can make some of them unreadable.


For cross-compatibility with Obsidian, it would also be nice if it supported the same notation for embedding the drawing i.e. with a ! in front of the [[. This does work if you add the ! manually because LogSeq simply displays the ! above the drawing but it would nice to have an option to add it automatically and then not dispay it.

It would be nice if can support resize or just can click one button to enter full screen edit mode.


I second on the possibility to use fullscreen.
Most of the time I draw on tablet or a little netbook. I need the whole screen to draw better.


Yes I really need it too

I absolutely agree, view mode and zen mode should always be on by default, when a page is opened. Only when you click on it or go to edit mode manually in some way, that’s when you should be able to edit it.

Additionally, the scrolling behavior is very nerve wrecking. When I scroll scroll through a page and a drawing comes into view, it stops scrolling that page and instead scrolls/drags the drawing.

Additionally, Logseq/Excalidraw should either remember the zooming and positioning of the drawing after reoping Logseq or that page or Logseq/Excalidraw should always zoom the drawings so that they perfectly fit into the currently availabe viewport.