[duplicated] Queries should recognise aliases

If you have a page [[Clark Kent]] with alias:: Superman, a /query Superman won’t turn up mentions of Clark Kent. Aliases should be recognised by queries.

I have a hard time understanding this needs to be a feature request. In my book, this is a bug since by definition one should be able to use an alias in place of the original title. Of course, also a query should work respectively. Still, I’ll upvote of course!


I wonder if this is on the radar of the devs.
I totally agree it is an issue, and it needs to be fixed asap, since the alias is very useful in queries and otherwise indeed.

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It’s on radar. But the current requests are too spreading.

Also, as using text-based storage, alias is not that solid. Adding this support would be hard and dangerous. We need to do that carefully, and in one shot.

Some previous failed engineering attempt: Enhance: Add alias support to page-ref [WIP] Close #7183 by andrewzhurov · Pull Request #7248 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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thanks for the feedback.
indeed, maybe going to database storage will allow to make it more stable?