Easy export of flashcards to Anki

Can we have a system where all created flashcards can be exported to the anki. In addition to that it will be God send feature if extra marked content is also exported to anki. I hope this can be implemented in logseq. otherwise i have to constantly juggle between logseq and obsidian for doing this export of flashcards.

Hi there,
I’d like to vote for that too.
I’m trying to use the add-on"Obsidian to Anki" but it cannot detect Logseq generated text properly.
As Logseq is based on bullet outlines. It generates Tab and - at the start of each line even though it’s a blank newline.
This makes it hard to match the add-on style which requires a blank line to separate each card. I still haven’t figured out how to customize the Regex to match Logseq.
Would you mind sharing your add-on settings in Obsidian to generate anki cards for Logseq?

Finnaly, I find another add-on to handle this.
The con is the decleration is not that convinent.
The pro is the format stays as it should be.
I do wish the Neuracache flashcard style work for Logseq. :smiley:

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I am planning on porting my Obsidian Anki plugin with different syntax in January (after exams).

If anyone has suggestions feel free to create an issue in here:

Edit: Released an beta version of Logseq Anki Sync