Efficient way to create a glossary of terms?

I have a list of terms I’m extracting from a text book. I want to store these terms so that I can:

A) hover over them and see their definitions
B) see term relationships on the graph
C) create flash cards I can use to study
D) categorize terms based on domains

I want to avoid duplication of text, but I’m not sure what a good structure is. A page per glossary item containing a card and its definition? Tag on the page propertoes to organize by domain? But then also on the card?

I also want to avoid a huge “glossary” node on the graph with all the terms connected.



  • Yes.
  • Logseq pages should better be concepts.
    • If a concept involves more than one term, put all of them (and their flashcards) in the same page.
  • If needed, yes. But not sure what you mean.
  • Put the duplicated text in a single block, then link to it from different places.