Emacs as an external editor, or Emacs anywhere

New happy Logseq user here. I was primarily using Org-roam for bi-directional links before my switch. Compared with Org-roam, Logseq is amazing for outlining, which suits my workflow very well. Unfortunately, Logseq lacks a few critical editing features for me. (They are outlined below.)

Therefore the feature request: invoke Emacs Client to edit a block or a file. This is similar to vim-anywhere, but you can edit only a block instead of the whole file.

By invoking the Emacs to edit certain blocks, I can stay in Logseq for quick outlining and navigation, but also benefit from my Emacs configuration.

(I don’t think this is appropriate as a core feature, though. I haven’t got the time to learn about the plugin system. If you like this idea and want to implement it, please do!)

Some features I miss in Logseq:

  1. Quick input of math formulae.

    I use cdlatex in Emacs to input math formulae at the speed of thought. In Logseq, it feels like I’m in the Stone Age. Also, I cannot preview my formulae in realtime in logseq.

  2. Table editing.

    Both org-mode and markdown-mode have a great plain-text-based table editor, which Logseq does not offer so far. (I’m aware that there is a plugin for markdown tables, but I prefer the Emacs one.)

  3. Full-featured code editing.

    In both org-mode and markdown-mode, I can edit a source code block in another buffer, which is equipped with the full power of my Emacs config. E.g., I can even use auto completion in that buffer. The best option for me so far in Logseq is to edit code in Emacs and then copy & paste.

  4. Code executing.

    Org-mode can execute code blocks via org-babel. This enables a specific workflow: I paste code snippets into my notes, and I can test them by actually running the code at any later moment. The results are collected and inserted into my notes for my further editing.