Emacs/Org-inspired keyboard shortcuts + few issues

Hey all,

I put together a list of all functions available for binding in my config.edn here.

The bindings which I left at default are commented out, while the customized ones are inspired from Emacs + default org-mode bindings.

I looked around for something like this but didn’t find it. So sharing it here in case someone is doing the same exercise :smiley: .

Few issues I faced while coming up with this (in case the logseq devs are reading this):

  1. I typed disable instead of false by mistake for one of the bindings. Logseq would just freeze when I tried to view the Keyboard shortcuts. It took to while to realize I had a typo there. Logseq should throw an error on finding invalid value in the config.edn.

  2. I couldn’t add tab as alternative binding. So this did not work:

    :editor/indent                            ["alt+right" "tab"] ;;"tab"
    :editor/outdent                           ["alt+left" "shift+tab"] ;;"shift+tab"

    So I ended up with this:

    :editor/indent                            "alt+right" ;;"tab"
    :editor/outdent                           "alt+left" ;;"shift+tab"
  3. I couldn’t customize the Paste binding. It looks like customizing Ctrl+V is not allowed on purpose, but why? I would like to bind that to ["mod+y" "mod+v"] if possible. But while I can customize Copy/Cut, I cannot customize Paste.