Email to Logseq

I would love the option to have a specific Logseq email that I can send and forward things to that would get appended to a page of my choice.

The daily notes page at a minimum, but would be nice to be able to specify a page or even change it depending on using different tags in the title or something.

Hi Sarah

may I know what would be, for you, the advantage of this over a simpler / more interactive interface like Lupin?

I am asking because this was my original idea before Lupin but then I moved to a telegram bot which I found was quicker and more practical way

I cld easily give you this feature


Hi Tony,

Thanks for building Lupin, it’s an awesome tool!

I checked it out, and it’s a bit too complicated for me to setup at the moment, and doesn’t quite address my needs. An email is as simple as it gets. I wouldn’t call Lupin simple.

An email can be used from pretty much anywhere. I can share to email from any app, website, etc. I don’t want to have to rely on Telegram.

Maybe Telegram is better, I don’t know, I don’t really use it. But the setup is wayyy more difficult than an email.

Thank your for your reply, As a technical person I fail to see the difficulties in setting up Lupin sorry for that.

Issue with email is privacy, an email is un-encrypted so the owner of the server would potentially be able to read your notes would you be OK with that?

the alternative off course would be for you to host your own mail server in which case Lupin currently is much easier to setup

I’m genuinely interested in hearing your opinion so thank you

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Please, you have nothing to apologize for!

I hadn’t thought about that. Anything I’m sending through a quick capture email method won’t be private so I’m not worried about that now. Maybe in the future I’ll become more concerned about it.

I think there are a lot of non technical users that would appreciate having an easy quick capture method. That would help open up Logseq to more people. I’m technical enough to set up your method I’m sure, but there are many that are not.

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Lupin is amazing, to be honest the installation process seems harder than it actually is.

I set it up in Linux and I barely run into any issues, it took me perhaps 30 minutes to have it all ready to work. I also set it up in Mac and even though I run into one issue it was just a matter of updating python.

Then I spent the whole day playing with it, and now I’m using it all the time!

Lupin is one of those apps that’s easy to install if one has some knowledge of

  • terminal
  • git
  • some python (just the basics on how it installs things)

however if one isn’t familiar with those things it does seem daunting, it does take some extra time to google how to fix terminal issues, but I think it’s worth it.

My set-up

To keep things simple I have my main Logseq Graph in local files in dropbox.

I have an additional Logseq Graph in github to access from the browser (until the app supports github) I use this one to connect my Lupin. I use it as an inbox that I copy to my local Logseq at the end of the day.

And in my experience @Tony is amazing, he implemented 2 features I requested in less than 2 days! I really appreciate his passion for this project, I can’t recommend it enough!