Empty journal replaces copy on disk

:link: Possibly related to my previous report: A lot of empty pages after import

I have my Logseq folder on Dropbox, and sync it to my home and work computers.

Yesterday evening, using my home computer, I wrote on the Logseq journal. The file name was 2021-10-21.md.

This morning, on my work computer, I checked the file and saw that the content had been synced, but when I opened Logseq, the journal did not reflect that: the page was still empty.

Thinking that the workaround from my other post would solve this, I entered a few characters and waited for the diff alert. However, the file was silently overwritten and all the content from yesterday was lost.

I was able to restore the note from Dropbox’s version history, but now I’m afraid of what else may be happening when I’m not looking.

Every day, a new journal page is created. Yesterdays journal 2021-10-21.md will be different from today’s journal 2021-10-22.md.

Hey, @Bad3r! Thanks for replying.

I’m aware of that, but the problem is that the file in question is yesterday’s. Today’s journal was empty as expected, but the things I wrote yesterday should show up in the previous day.

I should have made it clearer.

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Np. Are you sure the syncing process was complete? For testing purposes, I would recommend following these steps and see if the issue persist.
1 - at work before opening logseq. Verify that Dropbox did sync the latest files and that they do exist on your work PC
2 - Open logseq and refresh local files
See if the file does exist and or is empty. If it’s empty, try rebuilding the graph.

In my opinion this seems like a syncing problem

I did check that the file was synced, I refreshed, but I didn’t rebuild the graph. Anyway, isn’t Logseq supposed to take care of that automatically?

Yes and it already does. I don’t have an issue with that and based on the fourms/github issues this might be limited to your setup.

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There’s too much weirdness going on with my notes right now. I can’t be sure it’s Logseq’s fault.

I’ll report back when I get my syncing figured out.


I’m having the same problem. File on logseq is empty, but i can see the content in the .md file