Titles with accented characters lead to duplicate pages and Diff conflicts

:arrow_right: Regarding this post.

:warning: Big relevant update: this only happens to graphs that are stored on Dropbox. Still a bummer, though. I need my graphs synced. Obsidian somehow is immune to this.

My admittedly uneducated guess is:

macOS Dropbox saves file names with diacritics in NFD Unicode format. Keyboard input is NFC. Without normalization on Logseq’s end, this discrepancy is bound to cause trouble.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Type in a new wikilink somewhere. Make sure the tile contains an accented character (such as á, ê, í, õ, ü )
    • (the keyboard input is taken as NFC)
  2. Open the page and write on it.
    • the title is NFC
    • the linked reference is shown
  3. The note is saved to disk.
    • The file name is converted to NFD.
    • This happens at the OS level.
  4. There are now two notes with apparently identical titles. They both show up on All Pages
    • Let’s call one of them A :
      • It has the text that was written on step 2.
      • Its title is in NFD format
      • Doesn’t show linked reference
    • And the other B :
      • It’s empty
      • Its title is in NFC format
      • shows the linked reference
  5. Open B and type anything on it
    • the Check Diff dialog pops up
  6. Select the version on disk
    • B now has the same content as A
  7. Add a block to B
    • page A is also updated with that block
    • page A still doesn’t show the linked reference.
  8. Add a block to A
    • page B doesn’t get updated.
  9. Go to 5.
    • It’s the same from then on.