Enable autocorrect in desktop application

“default” windows autocorrect that works in the web-browser seems to be only “half working” on the desktop app, it does recognize and underline the wrong words but I cannot “right-click” on them to correct them which makes me think it might be very easy to enable this feature

I agree, this would be great. Spell check is extremly useful and it’s currently one of the few downsides for the desktop version


It would be great if logseq would support

  • OS-integrated autocorrect and spellchecking
  • show the spellchecking also when you are not in edit mode on a node (as of right now things will only be marked red, when you are editing a node)

I’d like to see the standard macOS spelling correction as an option in Logseq. I bow have to backtrack very often to fix small typos when using Logseq, and I hardly ever have to do so in other Mac applications.