Enable f13-f24 keys for shortcuts

Just started with logseq and im loving it already! I was glad to see the numerous shortcut options all rebindable but i was disapointed i couldnt use F13 and beyond (keyboards support all the way to F24).

I live and die by shortcuts, got an extended keyboard, 15 button mouse, im even considering an elgato stream deck or similar… I resort to F13-F24 whenever i can, my setup already have the keys for that and it makes life much easier when i can change an apps shorctut to a specific extra key right away

its very minor, i can rebind as some combination or rebind externally with a macro in some other way, but i think it would be simple to enable those keys (and cant see why not). Im still early with rebinds (finding what i will use most, what to change) but given how i prefer binds not using letters (so no need to escape focus from writing) i feel like i will use up all the standard 12 functions keys very soon