Enable scroll wheel during dragging bullet elements / blocks around page + move viewport during drag to edge

The mouse scroll wheel works as you expect when you are not mousedown, not dragging anything. You can go up and down a page.

I would like to be able to drag a bullet down the page and have the scroll wheel still controlling the page position. Currently it is not so easy to drag a bullet way down the page beyond the visible viewport. In other words I would like the mouse wheel scrolling to continue its behavior during a left-click drag, so I can throw things down the page better . (not everyone is good at chording scroll wheel and mouse down at same time but, it would be great imo)

Secondly in keeping with other programs and traditional MacOS interface, during a drag operation there should be a zone at the bottom of the active page pane which causes the page to scroll downwards (or upwards as well probably eh?) Currently drag operations are not causing the page to move down.

This could be an interface toggle for drag behavior but I would say it’s fairly common in most programs that have viewports and text panes, features similar to this.