Encryption of logseq graph with Cryptomator, saving in iCloud and Github. Is this setup satisfactory?

I use Logseq on my mac laptop exclusively.

I want to keep my data private.

What I did was encrypt both the directory of my Logseq graph and the hidden ~/.logseq directory using one Cryptomator vault. I did this by placing my Logseq graph directory inside the Cryptomator encrypted vault (ie, the directory where Cryptometer encrypts all files and that I can only see when I unlock the encrypted directory with a password) and then creating a symlink from ~/.logseq to a directory called .logseq in the Cryptomator mount directory.

This seems to work. That is, everything is encrypted and can only be unlocked with a password and when unlocked Logseq seems to work as before.

The Cryptomator directory containing the encrypted data is in a cloud-synced directory.

This seems to solve the issue of privacy but leaves open the issue of data loss if something happens at any point in time due to some bug in Logseq for example.

To address this, I pushed the Cryptomator directory containing the encrypted data to a private Github repository.

At this point, it is a manual process to push to Github. This can be automated to happen at a certain time of the day or certain intervals I suppose.

What I would like to know is if anyone sees any issues I have missed with this setup in terms of privacy security and data loss security.

Is there a better way?

I have noticed one issue which I am not sure arose from this setup or from before.

I place pdf files in my assets folder. They disappear. My links are then of course broken and this is how I notice.

The issue is as simple as that. pdf files that are in a directory within assets do not disappear, apparently.

The issue of disappearing pdfs was not because of logseq. My synced iCloud folder (the encrypted Cryptomator directory) was setup to try to minimize keeping files locally and so certain encrypted files were not available locally any more.

I moved this encrypted directory to another location and everything is working fine. This new location is not synced automatically. My backup now is a private repo on Github.