Enhancement for publish feature

Hi there, I’m trying to publish my logseq graph to the web, but I would like it to exclude all the journal pages along with contents relate to specific tags and links. Currently it doesn’t seem feasible, it would be much better if you guys add a publish filter system.
Btw, I think there should be a way to export the graph with the command line, so users can automate the publish process with bash script. The repetitive process of export → unzip → add changes → commit → push is not that fun tho.

Hi. Logseq has a couple different exports so it’s unclear what export you’re referring to. If you’re referring to “Export public pages”, it is possible to export from the command line with GitHub - logseq/publish-spa: A github action and CLI to publish logseq graphs as a SPA app

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oh, sorry about the CLI part, I didn’t read thoroughly. Then I’ll just ask about the export filter system