[Enhancement] Resize the image size that got with area-highlight during PDF reading

Currently, LOGSEQ is able to resize the image on the normal page like this:
![image.png](../assets/image_1639484417575_0.png){:height 76, :width 341}

However, when users are reading pdf with area highlight, LOGSEQ just creates a text [:span] in a page related to the PDF and will be parsed as an image using the block metadata. Users can not adjust the size of the parsed images.

Since LOGSEQ already support {:height 76, :width 341} for normal image, is it also possible for the images from PDF?

I agree. This seems like it hopefully wouldn’t be too hard of a change to make in the code. It would be nice if there was a small resize handle on the bottom right corner of the images gotten from an area highlight just like there already is on the bottom right corner of regular images.

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