Error message: push failed?

I’m working with Logseq as a PWA on iOS (though I also experience this issue in the browser), Github login. I’ve been seeing this “push failed” warning at least once a day. When I tap on the red indicator and “push now”, I’ll usually receive a “could not find…” error message. In order to get past it, I’ll log out and log back in. A couple of times I’ve had to copy the content of the page I was working on before logging out to avoid loss of anything I’d entered since the sync failed.

Any idea what causes this issue (maybe some kind of access token timeout?), and how best to deal with it if/when it comes up, or how best to guard against it happening?


For anyone else who might be experiencing this, a little search through the Discord led here: Push failed - Cannot find repo dir xxx in fs when git add --all · Issue #1163 · logseq/logseq · GitHub.

It occurs to me that I’m seeing this issue on iOS regardless of whether I’m using LogSeq as a PWA or in a Safari browser tab. Not sure how to proceed for now. Really keen to explore LogSeq further…