Escaping hierarchy behavior for page titles with a forward slash

Page titles with a forward slash in them create a hierarchy of pages. But how do you escape this feature if you want a forward slash in the page name?
For example, I want a page named TCP/IP, not a hierarchy of a TCP page and a separate IP page “under” it.


Just encountered a similar issue with creating a page for the publish-subscribe abbreviation (pub/sub). Tried escaping it by writing [[pub/sub]] but the backslash didn’t do the trick. Perhaps this could be a new feature request?

For now the best solution seems to be using dashes instead of slashes as they could be similar in function… Or if you aren’t too bothered with creating hierarchies just leaving it as is and cleaning it after the fact when (if) the feature of escaping the characters is implemented.

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Hm. Using a backslash instead of a forward slash did work for me to not create a hierarchy. But TCP\IP does have a different feel.

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I think he means using a backslash to escape it, like TCP\/IP.

In my opinion, this would be a great feature request.


+1 for this, since it’s already possible for formatting in the page

I know adding a space (in front of after the slash, I can’t remember) can also avoid creating hierarchy but it also feels kind of awkward :sweat_smile:

For the workaround and if you are comfortable with full-width character, maybe easier for Chinese/Japanese keyboard users, I just use the to replace with the half-width slash /. And it does the trick, so TCP/IP will be a single page without hierarchy.


Feature to escape “reserved” characters would be great.

“Input\Output” and “TCP\IP” is just not it.