Ex Notion user from Serbia

Hello to all, I have just last week during this NY holidays founded Logseq and for me it is great discovery!!!
I have used Notion for 1.5 years and as I have found out that is not so safe as it can delete your files and that is not acceptable for me. I fell in love with Logseq as soon as I understood that here is not important to have the folder structure but just to take notes and links-second brain is created on the go…

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Welcome macosd,

I’ve been using Logseq for around 5 weeks having used Obsidian on and off for the preceding 6 months. As you’ve mentioned I think the beauty of Logseq is making notes in the daily journal and tagging these for subsequent resurfacing. I’ve never used Notion, but in Logseq it is helpful to build hierarchy and structure in your notes by indenting/outdenting bullet points.

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Welcome to Logseq community, let me express my solidarity with what is happening in your country, which I respect very much.

@alex0 I think that you misunderstood I am from Serbia not Ukraina and as I know for now is all ok…little is itchy in Kosovo but I hope that it willl be no need for military force to step in that area

Sadly I meant exactly Serbia, good to know that you are OK.