Example code for shortcuts in config.edn wrong?

Has the format changed?

In the example code in the config.edn file, the following format is shown:

 ;; Example:
 ;; :shortcuts
 ;; {:editor/new-block       "enter"
 ;;  :editor/new-line        "shift+enter"
 ;;  :editor/insert-link     "mod+shift+k"
 ;;  :editor/hightlight       false
 ;;  :ui/toggle-settings     "t s"
 ;;  :editor/up              ["ctrl+k" "up"]
 ;;  :editor/down            ["ctrl+j" "down"]
 ;;  :editor/left            ["ctrl+h" "left"]
 ;;  :editor/right           ["ctrl+l" "right"]}

But this format does not work - especially with multiple assignments of shortcuts.

What works is the format with comma, which is also generated when the changes are made via the dialogue window.

Something like this is working …
:shortcuts {:editor/collapse-block-children "ctrl+left", :editor/expand-block-children "ctrl+right", :ui/toggle-right-sidebar ["r r" "t r"], :editor/move-block-up "ctrl+up", :ui/toggle-settings "t s | ctrl+,", :editor/move-block-down "ctrl+down", :editor/cycle-todo "alt+enter", :editor/highlight "ctrl+h", :editor/escape-editing "ctrl+enter", :go/journals "j j", :editor/open-edit ["enter" "e e"], :ui/toggle-theme "h d"}

What is the correct format?
Is this a bug in the implementation or is the example in the config.edn wrong?