Excluding tags from search

Anyone have a way to exclude tags from search? I am only looking to get results for pages and blocks as they are more specific and by getting tags is it really cluttered. I know pages and tags are both the same asset but would love to separate for search Thanks

The short answer is no. But if you provide a specific example, I don’t exclude a hack.

I have tags and pages both using the term mindset. The pages are most specific and the tags are both single words #mindset and nested mindset/daily practice or mindset/shadow work. I am trying to avoid having both come up during search. If I want to search tags I can use the tags plugin so don’t need tags to populate general search for pages. Thank you

You need to get much more specific:

  • How does a human differentiate between tag mindset and page mindset?
    • #mindset vs. [[mindset]] ?
    • Like the tags plugin?
    • Otherwise?
  • What kind of search do you perform?
    • Global?
    • Queries?
    • Other?

If you have general search needs, try the plugin Smart Search, it has a much simpler syntax for searching. Excluding a tag for example, can be achieved via #!mytag syntax. More info:

Thank you this is great!!