Exiting the demo graph on the website?

On the logseq homepage I entered the demo graph, and now whenever I visit I get the demo graph. How do I exit it and get back to the regular website? There doesn’t seem to be a button for that that I can find.

I just did a quick test and you’re right, it is missing a logout button, I tried to force it off with Logseq: A privacy-first, open-source knowledge base but that didn’t help. The only way I could reverse it was by clearing the cookies for the site.

Made issue ticket at github for this - When opening graph in logseq.com you can’t logout to get back to the website. · Issue #8451 · logseq/logseq (github.com)

The only way I have found to get back Home is to clear or delete cookies or use incognito mode.

It’s been resolved with the release of updated website!

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