Expand/collapse selection to regions of blocks

would be nice, to be able to select more cells based on where the cursor is, like in programming IDEs

from having a cursor on a cell (or having a cell selected), pushing a hotkey would expand the selection to include the parent block, then grandparent if pushed again.

should also work the other way, if I pushed it too many times, I can push the “collapse selection” shortcut to decrease the level of selection.

Actually I found that using shift works ok. It’s not great or very predictable - if you have text to select upwards in the textarea it would select it first before doing the block selected, since it’s a “dual feature” of the shift key, it does have subtle bugs (sometimes it keep on selecting forever even if you try to reset by clicking away)

but even if this feature is not perfect - after you do select blocks it’s:

  • great at deleting the selected
  • ok at indenting (sometimes the native browser tabbing happens)