Expand Linked References Inline

If I have a block like this:


and I am looking at one of my metadata pages and see the reference to this block here


I should be able to click the titel under October 28th and have it exapand so I can see the entire block referenced. This is how Roam behaves and its super helpful when I have a lot of items referenced to a page. Right now I have to clikc each one individually and go to the page, when it could be a lot easier to just expand them all in one window.

So now I think this may be a bug…

I opened two different references in the sidebar at the same time. Both “pages” reference the same note the firs one the note is not expanded:


In this one above, the page title matches what’s in the “Metadata” line.

The second page I opened in the sidebar shows the entire linked reference (Which is what I want):


In this one the page title matches what’s in the “Meeting:” line…

Super odd they act so differently. Sorry for all the things blued out, its works notes…

I actually just found another odd instance. This time I was in page view not the side bar. With this one I have 3 linked references. The first linked reference is not expanded, but the second one is:

Had some good discussions in chat yesterday. I just wanted to point out that, I dont care if linked refs sub bullets are collapsed by default.

My main request is that we can expand everything in the linked ref. without having to go to another page. This is vital for my workflow to get a quick rundown of everything discussed in prior meetings on a topic.

Right now to see notes on a linked ref (Another related meeting) I have to click it which brings me to a new page, read the note and then hit back to get back to the topic page to see all the linked refs (meetings). If I could open them inline then I can get a quick idea of everything discussed in a much faster workflow.

I hope this clears up the request a little. I would love to hear what the devs think about this well if possible :slight_smile: