Expandable namespaces in sidebar


I appreciate the namespaces functionality and I like to use it to create parent/child relations between my notes.

Although the hierarchy tree already gives quite a lot of functionality. One drawback, however, is the need to go back and forward to the parent if you want to explore the childs one by one.

It would be great if you would have an “expandable” functionality to namespaces within the favorites section of the sidebar.

The way I see it is:

  1. Imagine you favorite one page and it is a namespace with children’s below.
  2. You should have a “↓” button next to its name in the sidebar.
  3. Whenever you click it, it would show the childs and subchilds coming from it.

This would somehow expand the namespace’s workflow giving the option to use it also for quick navigation between notes.

I believe this would also not imply the creation of new hierarchies or interferences with the block structures as it is only taking advantage of the current structure.

Thank you for the great work guys! I love your app :heart:

Prefer using The contextual sidebar

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Great suggestion! I had not seen that post before, I will try to implement something like that in the meantime.

I’ve discovered the Favorite Tree plugin from @sethyuan, which also does a great job.

It would be great to have it built in to be able to use it on mobile for example.

You also can use {{namespace PageName}} macro in right sidebar to navigate. It is not expandable, but helps a bit.

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You are right, kind of loosing the fluid navigation experience if you have a big tree though. But could be useful for quick and short trees.