Expanding Backlinks' Content

0.1.5 Is on fire!

Great work specially with implementing the collapsing with ctrl + and with ctrl +

In older version we were able to use tab tab to unfold all backlinks in a given page


This are all the backlinks in my “memory techniques” page I’d like to un-collapse all the content, rather than having to unfold one by one

By default all the backlinks are colllapsed. If I wanted to see all the information in them, I’d have to manually unfold them one by one by clicking on the toggle


Of course this can get cumbersome and annoying.

Personally I’d prefere to have every backlink fully expanded by default. (This used to be the case in the Logseq alpha versions)

However I also see the value of having backlinks collapsed.

Ideally they could be a way to use something like ctrl + and with ctrl + to also affect and control the collapsing options in backlinks