"Export graph" - "Export public pages" does not show whiteboard graphics

Thanks for the amazing work in building Logseq. It is a really cool tool to work with.

One feature we actually love it the “Export graph” - “Export public pages” Feature to make parts of it via web accessable. At https://docs.logseq.com/#/whiteboard/test%20whiteboard?block-id= we see the whiteboards demo published as well. In our exports the whiteboards are listed but there is no image visible. Is there something we need to config for it to be exported?

In our case exported version looks like this

In Logseq it looks like this


I am having the same problem.

the work around i have found is to embed a page with a photo and make that page public and the whiteboard public

you can also embed a block that is on a shared page that has a photo in it