Export graph public pages with inherited emoji icons

I am using the awesome links plugin to assign icons to page types so that when I specify page-type:: [[x]] as a page property, the page inherits the icon. It is working perfectly well in the logseq application (see image below):

however, when I export the graph (settings/export graph/export public pages) icons are not shown.

I see that logseq has an export.css file… Does anybody know if it is possible to export my graph so that icons inherited from the page-type property are shown?

I use property icon:: 📌 and it works fine when publish

Hi Joe, I think your solution works if you add an icon Property directly on a Page. What I am trying to do es to show an icon that is inherited via a page-type Property. The icon is specified in the page-type Page (ie, a Page called “topic” has an icon:: 📌 property, and a page called “blah blah” has a page-type:: topic property. I want the blah blah Page to show the :pushpin: icon wherever it is referenced. It Works on the Windows application but doesn’t when you export the graph.