Export PDF with Highlights / Save highlights to PDF file

I’d love to have a way to export PDFs with their highlights so that I can share the annotated version of the PDF with friends.

Right now, the highlights are stored separately in the PDF’s .edn file, which isn’t a format in which I’d ever share the data (though it’s really nice for personal use!).

I would love that as well : )
A WYSIWYG export would be amazing.


I agree! Would be nice to have some way of merging the annotations with the PDF without flattening it, kind of like the opposite of this: GitHub - ilovezfs/pdftoedn: PDF processing tool to extract document data and save it in EDN format

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will be great if Logseq can do it!

This would be such a gamechanger - great suggestion!

I’m not sure where Logseq save the pdf annotation (probably in some internal database), but it’s not stored in the pdf itself.

My use case required open pdf from both zotero & logseq, but I always annotate and take notes in Logseq, it would be great if I can see the logseq highlight in the zotero itself.

Really much needed feature. At the moment I do highlights/annotations in PDF Expert, then import the processed PDF into Logseq just to highlight it here again, which leads to redundant work.