Export to EDN generates unreadble output in some cases

OK maybe this is too obscure, but it is a pretty clear bug. I have a graph that was imported from Roam, and contains pages that were generated by Roam’s Zotero plugin. They include a bunch of properties like:

 - Publication:: [[Rethinking Popular Culture: Contemporary Perspectives in Cultural Studies]]
 - Author(s):: [[Clifford Geertz]]

When you export this, it generates edn that looks like this:

 ({:block/id #uuid "61743628-9381-4fc3-9752-4155deeeafad",
   {:author(s) #{"Clifford Geertz"},
:created-at 1616635440212,

That “:author(s)” will blow out the Clojure reader when the file is read back in.

This is actually a Clojure bug IMO, but probably Logseq should avoid triggering it by not generating weird keywords.