Exporting PDFs attached PDFs

Is it possible to just open an attached PDF in an external editor the way other attachments work? Once I save a PDF in Logseq, I want to be able to get it out again if I need it.


Agree on this. I would like to right click on a pdf link and be able to locate it in the file browser or open it with the system editor.

I can go to the assets folder, but when there are multiple versions of the same pdf it is not easy to find the right one.

One possible workaround:

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Thank you – this workaround is sufficient to support what is needed.

on osx:

open pdf viewer
open annotation page
click on the file path not the icon
this opens pdf in Preview
command-click on the filename in the window titlebar, which opens a popup of the folders/path that contain the file
click on the folder one level up from the filename
this opens the containing folder in the Finder with the file that you opened in preview selected