Extend default template functionality

It would be very powerful to be able to automatically invoke templates when new pages are created. As it stands currently, it seems you can only do this for journal pages, although the syntax used to set default-templates in config.edn–

 {:journals "my_template_name.md"}

–seems to suggest an intention to eventually allow other sorts of default templates to be created.

I’ve seen a number of requests for this feature; here are a few:
Automatically evoke a template when a new page is created
Default Template for New Page
Can we create Default Template for New Pages - Not only for Journals?

Obsidian has a plugin that achieves a similar functionality. It allows different default templates to be set for pages created in different folders (if I remember correctly), with the innermost template used when a page is created inside multiple nested folders that contain default templates. I would think that a similar scheme using parent blocks’ attributes could work well for Logseq.