Extra flashcards types

Hi there, I’m an Anki user. I’ve been testing logseq and I love it. However, I think it needs some improvements in its flashcards to make it my definitive knowledge tool. With the following enhancements, I’d buy the future pro version blindly:

  1. I’d be amazing to attach sounds and play them with a kind of mini-player (also included in flashcards) like Anki or Remnote. This feature is very useful in language learning, for instance.

The remnote sound player in a flashcard.
The Anki one is smaller and I prefer it.

  1. Extra flashcards types. Certain types of information require specific types of flashcards for a better review. In Anki and Remnote there are two-sided cards, list-type cards, and Image occlusion cards. All of them are very useful and It’d be amazing something similar in logseq (You’ll surely get a portion of current Anki and Remnote users with these enhancements).

All great ideas, I´m just putting this here so the developers know that there´s a part of the audience that wants this.


Maybe improving flashcards is not a priority right now for logseq developers. However, I hope they don’t forget it. These and other enhancements would make logseq the definitive knowledge tool of the market.


I was just about to request something like this! In my case, I used remnote a lot, and its appeal is precisely the type of cards that can be created.

For those interested, here is a description of the different types of cards:

The implementation of image occlusion is something that I also value a lot, especially when studying topics such as anatomy.

I would love for LogSeq to implement those same functions.my.


I really hope logseq could have the Remnote’s image flashcard called occlusion. This function is quite helpful. It’s the only one reason why I still use remnote. Please!!!

Hi, why you switched from Remnote, or did you go back after the last big updates?
As your post is from Feb.

I’m looking into it, seems quite on pair with what Logseq has, but in addition the team seems faster, plus Anki style cards support, and Free Folders structure support as well.

PDF highlights are on par with Logseq. Queries as well.

I’m still using LogSeq, you’re right, it’s much better or at least on par with other similar services.

The real advantage of RemNote is the occlusion cards. They are useful when studying content such as anatomy, where there are images of organs and their names.

I can use occlusion cards with an anki plugin. And I can certainly sync logseq with Anki, which is itself more versatile when it comes to flashcards. But the use of plugins and other software is complex. It would be better to be able to do everything with just logseq.