Extra flashcards types

Hi there, I’m an Anki user. I’ve been testing logseq and I love it. However, I think it needs some improvements in its flashcards to make it my definitive knowledge tool. With the following enhancements, I’d buy the future pro version blindly:

  1. I’d be amazing to attach sounds and play them with a kind of mini-player (also included in flashcards) like Anki or Remnote. This feature is very useful in language learning, for instance.

The remnote sound player in a flashcard.
The Anki one is smaller and I prefer it.

  1. Extra flashcards types. Certain types of information require specific types of flashcards for a better review. In Anki and Remnote there are two-sided cards, list-type cards, and Image occlusion cards. All of them are very useful and It’d be amazing something similar in logseq (You’ll surely get a portion of current Anki and Remnote users with these enhancements).

All great ideas, I´m just putting this here so the developers know that there´s a part of the audience that wants this.


Maybe improving flashcards is not a priority right now for logseq developers. However, I hope they don’t forget it. These and other enhancements would make logseq the definitive knowledge tool of the market.


I was just about to request something like this! In my case, I used remnote a lot, and its appeal is precisely the type of cards that can be created.

For those interested, here is a description of the different types of cards:

The implementation of image occlusion is something that I also value a lot, especially when studying topics such as anatomy.

I would love for LogSeq to implement those same functions.my.