Extra info beside the "Open block references" icon?

My first question here, thanks so much to the logseq creators and community for this great software. It works really well for me.

My task management system look like this: 1. using journals to track everyday’s todo list which consists of tasks, and 2. using a central page where I collect long-term backlog items. So I frequently create block reference links to blocks on backlog page from tasks on journal page. In this way, I got backlog item being referenced by their subtasks.
So my question is, would it be possible to display not just number of links on the referenced blocks, but also show counters of TODO/DOING markers from the links. Is there already a plugin to manage that? If not, would it be interesting for the community? Would it make sense to make a feature request somewhere?


digged around the forum, and I come up with a query which finds all the blocks referring to this one

:title "block TODOs"
:query [
  :find (pull ?b [*])
  :in $ ?cb
  :where [?b :block/refs ?cb]
               (task ?b #{"TODO", "DOING"})
:inputs [:parent-block]

How can I convert the result to a table with page name, block name and task status? I