Extremely Large Notes Makes iOS Not Work At All

I have some extremely large notes in my graph. I added my graph to icloud and downloaded the iOS app and it pretty much freezes right when I open it, none of the UI elements are useable. I have deleted and re-installed several times but nothing seems to make it work.

Hey @Alec, How many pages/notes do you have, and what’s the iPhone you are using?

For example, I have the same setup and don’t have similar issues (seemingly). I have 1500 notes (the number visible when I click on re-index) & iPhone 13 pro.

I migrated from Obsidian recently and can definitely feel that Logseq is a bit slower when searching … still usable though.

I have close to 2000 nodes at the moment and everything seems to work fine on both my iPhone (12) and iPad Pro. Could it be a matter of available memory?

@stanbright @TookiTheGreat
I don’t believe it’s the amount of notes/pages that is causing me problems. I have a couple of pages that are > 2 megabytes of pure text (the markdown file size) which I believe are causing the problem. I will try to backup my notes and delete those large ones to see if that makes it work. I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro so I don’t believe my iPhone underpowered.

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@stanbright @TookiTheGreat
I deleted the large pages, deleted the app, redownloaded it from the app store and now it works perfectly. That leads me to believe that my large notes were causing the app to crash.


That’s not impossible. I think I read somewhere else too, that people are experiencing some “difficulties” with long-form text and Logseq.