Fail to release plugin version: Error 403: Resource not accessible by integration

I just made a new plugin for logseq: logseq-jalali

I followed the same steps as mentions in the docs (which I have already applied to my other plugin: logseq-bidi) But when I push the tag to trigger publish workflow, the workflow fails with this error:

Create Release

Run ncipollo/release-action@v1
    allowUpdates: true
    draft: false
    prerelease: false
    generateReleaseNotes: false
    makeLatest: legacy
    omitBody: false
    omitBodyDuringUpdate: false
    omitDraftDuringUpdate: false
    omitName: false
    omitNameDuringUpdate: false
    omitPrereleaseDuringUpdate: false
    removeArtifacts: false
    replacesArtifacts: true
    skipIfReleaseExists: false
    token: ***

    updateOnlyUnreleased: false
    PLUGIN_NAME: logseq-plugin-jalali
    VERSION: refs/tags/0.0.1
Error: Error 403: Resource not accessible by integration

Has anyone experienced similar issue?
Can anyone check my configurations?

I don’t have anything new to add to my previous plugin to test if it runs the workflow without issues or not.

I just found the solution: One needs to go to settings > actions and under Workflow permissions, choose Read and write permissions.

Perhaps I could find documentation for before but now, I cannot find it. At least the PR template in marketplace repo doesn’t have any link to such docs.

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