Failed to read file config.edn


I recently adjusted my config.edn to disable the default SCHEDULED query and added my own query. On the mac desktop app, it works great without issue. On the Android app, when the app starts, I get an error message:

Failed to read file: logseq/config.edn. Make sure your config is wrapped in {}. Also, make sure that the characters '( { [ ' have their corresponding closing character ') } ]'. 

AFAIK, the config file is valid. The functionality also works on Android,
so I’m not sure what the deal is. I’ve attached the config.edn file and a screenshot of the message.

Is this an Android bug, or am I doing something wrong here?

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Android doesn’t normally care about the content of a file, only about its external characteristics (size, name etc.) Try changing the file again a few times, restoring the previous query, using a simpler one, avoiding special characters etc. It is important to determine if the error happens with the specific change or with any change.

I don’t see any file. Consider sharing the query here.

Sorry, I misspoke. The forum wouldn’t let me attach. Gist here:

Check the double closing curly braces }} found in line 257. Seems that a closing square bracket is missing in between them, i.e. }]}

Ah, yep. That, and the escaping of the two chained queries… needed a comma.

Thanks for the new set of eyes. Appreciate it.


I’ve encountered this a few times too. For me, I’ve found pasting the whole file into

has been really useful. It obviously can’t actually “execute” the code, but it’ll show you syntax errors. In this case:

Syntax error reading source at (main.clj:257:11).
Map literal must contain an even number of forms

Unrelated to your OP, but your inning/game tracker is rad! :facepunch:t2:

Thank you! MLB has a pretty decent API. I repurposed an old Java app and it just writes it to the journal on a Cron at 3am. Cleveland looking good this year!!

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