Favorites Fail; Bugs/Performance Generally

Nothing happens when I try to add a page to “Favorites”.


This was reported previously but it doesn’t seem like there has been any resolution.

I’m interested in giving Logseq a shot, but am worried that this bug is basically permanent. I’m also concerned that this bug is representative of the quality of the Logseq software generally? I need the basic functions to JUST WORK. Here it seems not to. Furthermore, there are plenty of reports about Logseq being terribly sluggish.


Welcome. Logseq’s priorities are different. If you need particular quality, come back when it exits beta.

That is a good point. No beta version of software is super reliable.

Do you have any idea when V1 will be available? And will that be the database version?

V1 will be available only after the database version is ready. And that in itself is months away.

I see.

Does Logseq have any kind of official timeline for these kinds of things?

Not a timeline, but a simple trello

Hmm… I’m a little worried a key feature - favorites - will be missing for me for months or maybe years.

I got burned when I went all in on Evernote a long time ago. It was buggy, but I just assumed that the bugs would get fixed pretty quickly as they were glaring and basic. Many of those features/bugs took 10+ years to fix.

I really don’t want that to happen to me with Logseq.

Am I better off just waiting until Logseq has a more finished product?

  • I have already addressed that on my first reply.
  • Given that you consider favorites as a key feature, I would be irresponsible to assure you of a quick fix, even if it was to be fixed on the very next release.
  • Currently Logseq is for those willing to explore possibilities and live with workarounds.
    • There are plenty of both.
  • Your other option is to hire someone to make basic fixes, as Logseq is both:
    • open-source
    • relatively easy to customize

Uh oh… It turns out this bug was reported on GitHub in September 2023.

And the bug remains more than 7 months later!

I also a reported a weird problem with journal names that is just totally unacceptable.

That plus many reports of lag leads to my conclusion: Logseq Beta is way too buggy for me and it is not improving quickly enough.

Is there any way I can sign up for notification when V1 is released?