Favorites - Nested Folders/Tags and Renaming Pages in Favorites

Hi there,

As more pages are being added, I am finding myself Favoriting a number of pages, and am encountering issues with organizing them as they grow. My two questions are:

1.) Is there a way to create foldable/nestable folders/tags so that we can add more of a “tree structure” to the the pages we’ve fav’d?

2.) Renaming Pages in Favorites - I use Namespaces a lot to help organize and inherently the titles are long. Because the width of the Favorites section/bar/column is only so many pixels wide, and since the Namespaces of these pages are long and/or all the same in the beginning, it causes readability issues.

I’d like to get a discussion going on what’s the best approach to showing meaningful titles in Favorites for ease of scan-ability that also provides context to the title/page.

Thank you.

I also have similar challenges as you do. I haven’t achieved a breakthrough yet, either. However, when it comes to point number one, there is an optimal plugin available. It’s ‘another embed’ plugin Favorite tree plugin.

Its standout ability is to display favorites and history in a tree structure. It is possible to choose between hierarchy or page tags. Additionally, it offers the functionality to adjust the width of the left sidebar.

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