Fdroid for android app

Fdroid is an alternative android app store for free software. Is distributing the android app apk files via fdroid planned for the near future? It would massively improve the ease of downloading/updating the android app on android devices (especially on the ones that do not contain google play services, like GrapheneOS and CalyxOS).

I install logseq out of Fdroid. I can’t remember if I had to do anything special to add it…

what do you mean? I am not seeing Logseq app on fdroid catalog:


(Clearnet) F-Droid Search: logseq

It is not available on the main F-Droid repository, but it is available on Izzy-Droid


That’s cool. I will still be waiting for Logseq to become available either natively on fdroid or via a repo link logseq devs themselves directly control that I can add to my repos in fdroid.

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Yes it would be good either in the main catalog or as an official repo - would make it a lot easier to keep up to date rather than manually downloading apks


I dont get it, that it isnt done already

Related issue: Release on F-Droid · Issue #10449 · logseq/logseq · GitHub