Feature Request: Ability to write assets from plugin API

According to request from users, we need method in Logseq plugin API what adds local asset (in my case - image) to block.
feature request : Handling images · Issue #2 · shady2k/logseq-inbox-telegram-plugin (github.com)

I confirm that it is very useful to be able to do this. Images but also any kind of file could be useful. For example, I share a file via Telegram and I get it in Logseq with a mention in my note of the day.

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Also i think it is a GREAT idea to be able to receive files remotely (via plugins)!

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Would be indeed very handy. I do understand the Idea of not letting plugins do FS operations, but it could be implemented without giving full fs permission. e.g. just a read/write to the attachment folder.

A option could be that a plugin with access to attachments only gain access to a subfolder:


And at the beginning maybe limited to image mime types.

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thks for your plugin, this api is very usefull, Looking forward to opening this api soon.

+1 for this feature, thanks