Feature Request:Filter support search

There are so many items,I want the feature that support search for filter.
Like RR it’s better to use,thank you.

Hi. I posted an almost identical feature request here: More intuitive and keyboard-driven filtering of backlinks. Perhaps they could be merged? (NB I am not sure how to do this on the Discourse forum. I think you may need special privileges).

This is necessary. I hope it can be added soon! Already a major problem for me…

The filtering of backlinks looks like this:

I don’t find it very intuitive. Firstly, the links to do seem to appear in any obvious order. Secondly, the filtering is gui-driven. I would imagine that if there are a lot of backlinks, the window could fill out with a large number of links, and it would be relatively difficult to find the link you are looking for.

A better system would involve the keyboard a bit more. Something similar to the “selectize” javascript method (below), would be faster and more intuitive. Separate boxes could used to specify those links you keep and exclude.

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Hi, I merged the two topics.

Great idea to have this implemented


While search would be best, it would already help a lot of if the filter view is sorted. And right after that giving journal pages a seperate section maybe. They do clutter up a lot if you take frequent backlinked notes while journal writing.

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Agreed. With a certain length of the items list on display there, the filter function becomes useless. Searching in the filter items, and sorting them, would make it useful again !

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This was built by @Aryan and released with 0.7.7