Feature request: Possibility to disable creating links to pages for imported Zotero publications

Currently in Zotero settings in Logseq it is possible to modify the item Attachment under block of: from [[Attachments]] to, say, Attachments. This way no (link to a) page named Attachments is created upon import of a Zotero publication. Similarly one can change in Notes under block of: the default setting [[Notes]] to Notes. Good.

Nonethelesss, upon import of a Zotero publication, some more (links to) pages are created. Namely [[Abstract]]. And then the names of all the authors (such as [[Jonhnson, R.]]). There does not appear to be a possibility to prevent adding the double square bracket similar to the above Attachments and Notes.

Currently after using the /zotero command, I always have to manually delete the double square brackets from around the names of the authors and the Abstract.