Feedback (CPU power, printing possibilities)

I discovered Logseq quite recently. It took me a little time to come to the right understanding of how it works. This even pushes me to think how I want to treat/store the information but I think now I got it.
At this step, it seems to have the main functionalities I have been expected to manage my notes (knowledge). I would have been really interested to have such a tool in my professional live where I have been managing projects, teams (not for a long time now…).
3 points I would like to have a feedback if possible:

  • CPU power : for now, I have “only” an old laptop with a not really powerfull CPU neither tons of RAM (3GB). this laptop works on Linux Manjaro. Is there some requirements from Logseq in CPU power? I observed peaks up to 70% of CPU load from Logseg.
  • Printing the results of queries : The queries seem great to gather information in one page. When working fully with the laptop no problem but I had to go an appointment where it was more suitable to have only “paper” and I was not able to export the actions (todo) related to the people I was going to meet. Is there a way?
  • Another great feature is the possibility to import the pdf file as “asset”. As I don’t want to copy files in different locations, it is just fine to have them in logseq directory. Logseq can open the pdf to work on… but what about the printing option? did I miss something? I tried to open it in my browser (Firefox) but as the file is tagged as “asset”, i haven’t found the trick.
    Thank you for any feedback